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  • Anita & I worked together at Tanfield Foods for over 4 years, during which time she demonstrated a fantastic work ethic combined with first class accountancy skills. Although the trading conditions were challenging, Anita showed immense commercial astuteness, together with concise and accurate reporting.

    Outside of Tanfield Foods, Anita also assists myself and American colleagues with projects looking at exporting various products from the USA to the UK. This involves analysing export/import restrictions and tariffs applicable for a wide range of goods. Her combined talents make her ideal for any FD and Commercial role . I would't hesitate to recommend Anita, and I will enjoy continuing to work with her in a variety of projects.

    • Tim Holloway

  • I worked alongside Anita at Tanfield for 4 very challenging years. The lack of profitability in the business from the outset, the need to focus on growth through developing new markets as a strategy from our investors and at the same time drive down costs, secure funding and then manage cash and supplier relationships whilst waiting for the funds made for a most demanding time.

    Anita not only managed all these acute activities very well through her technical financial competence, but she did it through incredible commitment and strong ethical values. Anita would exceed your expectations and deliver great value if you engaged her as part-time or interim FD.

  • I have known Anita as major shareholder representative and Director of Tanfield. She proved to be a very knowledgeable, and always well prepared CFO. She found the right mix as proactive member of a dynamic management team, and at the same its controller, unbiased reviewer and eye of the Board and shareholder. I certainly could trust her to fulfil the CFO role in a sometimes difficult and rapidly changing environment.

    • Wolfgang Reichenberger

    • General Partner