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Part Time Finance Director

Recognising that many businesses require finance expertise but are not at the stage of making a commitment for a full time Finance Director.

This role includes Start Ups and SME'S (small and medium enterprises).

Why Me?

I dislike the word consultant, suggests a 窶湾rofessional窶 coming into your business and advising you what to do but providing no assistance in delivery. This is completely not what I am about. I窶况e been there before in the thick of the day to day and really understand the pressures of managing a business.

My intent is to be become an extension of your organisation. My approach is hands on and very straight forward. Initially I am focussing on Part time finance director roles and R&D tax incentive.

Through my extensive experience I will deliver added value and work as hard for your business as you would expect from a committed finance director. I thrive on challenges and am particularly focussed on delivery. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

R&D Tax Incentives

  • Anita was instrumental in identifying and delivering over £300k cash back into the business over a 3 year period through the hmrc tax incentive scheme.

Successfully assisting a variety of food and manufacturing firms raise significant funds/reduction in their tax bill from the hmrc scheme.

Many firms still do not make claims even though they would qualify. Most common reasons occurring being lack of knowledge of the scheme and resource internally to pull together.

I have particular expertise and experience in working with organizations to assist identify qualifying activities and Project Managing the claim process from start to finish.

Non- Executive Director/Trustee

Provide strategic guidance and independence.